Flavor Favor

Why do people assume that if you have a child of one gender that when you become pregnant you MUST be wanting/needing/desiring a child of the opposite gender and will be crushed or compelled to keep having kids until you have at least one of each flavor? And when you tell them you don’t have a preference, why do they think you’re talking politics rather than telling the truth? I honestly don’t care a spit if this child kicking the heck out of me is a boy or a girl. I see the value to both outcomes. A boy would be cool… it would be a different experience, negotiating that penis thing and dealing with the differences between your boy and girl. But having a girl, that would be cool too. I already have some experience in that department, have a ton of girly stuff and would enjoy raising sisters. Whatever… it really doesn’t matter folks.

And then I always get, "Well, what do you think you're having" to which I like to reply "A baby, preferably human." Seriously though, I was convinced Lily was going to be a boy and was utterly and completely flummoxed when Mark announced the very clear lack of external genitalia. I don't want to go down that road again and since I see no medical reason for an ultra sound, we will have to just be surprised. To be honest, I like the surprise. There are so few really wonderful surprises in the world that I'd just rather not screw this one up. I totally get the idea of wanting to know, but it's just not for me. That's all.

On another note, I like my hair again. I'll see if I can get all the heavens to align long enough for me to get a photo and show you the progress it's made in the last week. Cheers!