This little dude has moved in

We discovered him hanging out under my boots, where he stayed for about two days while Lily pointed at him a screeched in joy at the top of her little lungs. Mark got annoyed at seeing my muddy boots sitting there and so put them away, therefore evicting the lizard. So, lizard dude moved under the umbrella stand where the dog spent hours trying to figure out how to get to him. Maya chased him off the porch once and almost captured him in the grass, but alas, he was too quick for our slow-ass dog. The following day saw him hanging out along the edge of the cooler; not at all a safe place for him. One would have to worry about the intelligence of a lizard that keeps coming back despite a screeching toddler, psycho dog and camera lady chasing him all the time. We actually haven't seen him in a day or so. He either wized up or was eaten by something. Crazy lizard.