I hate panel pants… unless they’re really cool

Let me tell you about panel pants. These are a mad concoction of some designer as an attempt to make pregnant ladies look like they are wearing regular cloths. They’re most commonly seen in jean format and the cooler kinds can be found at Gap or Old Navy. I however, don’t have any from there… I have hand-me-downs, which have their own redeeming qualities (i.e. FREE). For a visual on the panel, check out these bad boys from Old Navy.

They are not, in theory a bad idea. In practice, they can totally suck eggs. When wearing them (which I happen to be doing today) the bottom curve of the panel can dig in a bit, creating a half moon on your underbelly… forcing me to imagine the cesarean scar I might have if my life had taken a different path. The top of the panel sits high above your belly, resting oddly under the breasts and, if not wearing the proper top, giving you lines and creases that make you look odd (at best). If your shirt isn’t long enough then you end up with this odd look… it’s jeans but then fabric but whaaaa? Even Lily was looking at ‘em kinda funny today and kept touching the space where it shifted from denim to cotton.

So why am I wearing them if I hate them? you may ask. Put aside the hand-me-down issue as I actually bought this pair just last week on one factor alone. They are embroidered around the ankles. That’s it folks. I bought the suckers because of some fancy threads. You now know how shallow I am.

At least I got them resale.