Crapity crapertons!

The other day we came home to find about a third of the contents of a pony-keg of Virgil’s root beer had exploded in our fridge. It was down the wall, in the veggie crisper, and all the way down sitting atop the freezer portion in a big root-beer popsicle sheet. I had to disassemble the freaking fridge in order to clean it up while trying to keep a toddler from getting into the mess. Not fun.

This morning, just after Mark left of course, I discovered a puddle of water in front of the sink. Opening up the cupboard under the sink revealed a vast wasteland of water and soggy cleaning supplies. The pipe running from the garbage disposal to the main pipe had decided to part ways. I guess they just couldn’t work out their differences… and this is not the first time they’ve had such a tiff. Can you get counseling for pipes?

It’s times like these that I do wish we had a landlord. A good landlord who was also a very board handy-man, just waiting for his tenants to call and ask for his help so he could upgrade, for free, anything that went wrong. Ah well.

OH, and the cat has decided that the rain precludes her from going out to the COVERED area to use the litter box, so she peed on the dog bed. I guess for her it’s convenient and makes a statement regarding her feelings towards that dog that tried to ruin her life.

In other news my Mother-in-law is visiting for the week while Mark heads outta town on a gig. I’m one of the fortunate few who have a nice MIL who respects our way of doing things, doesn’t criticize and is just really fun to be around. She’s great and takes wonderful care of our daughter. But it means no hubby for a week. Crapity crapertons! Someone say something funny and make me laugh. Please.