Leaving on a jet plane

This afternoon Anya and I are taking off to Colorado see Allison and meet a bunch of mamas from one of my favorite message boards. Mark and Lily are going camping on Saturday and then meeting us in the Bay Area for a whirl wind tour of friends and family all the way up to Northern California. We get to spend Halloween with Mark’s mom, step-dad and sister and I can’t wait to take the girls trick-or-treating in a small town. Both our girls are going dressed as pumpkins and Mark and I are going as cooks. That’s right, yo; we’re making the suggestion that once the fun is over we’re gonna cook up our babies and EAT THEM. We’re damn good parents. I’m excited and already tired by the schedule we’re going to have to keep if we want to see everyone. I have no idea if I’ll be able to write, but I’ll be thinking of you all!