Slowing down

At my mother-in-laws now and enjoying watching Lily eat apples from the tree out back, feed the horses carrots, swing on the plank hanging from the oak, romp with the dogs and giggle in her grandma’s arms. We four slept in a narrow bed last night, piled on top of each like puppies in a pack, Lily’s arms and legs akimbo, Anya snuggled in the crook of my arm, Mark and I touching feet in the middle of the night like secret lovers. We didn’t get much sleep with all those body parts strewn about, but that’s not really the part I’ll remember anyway. I’m recovering from what turned out to be food poisoning and while Anya is still making snot like it’s going out of style both Mark and Lily are enjoying perfect health.

The mist is creeping across the pasture and dinner is about to make its way to the table. I’m on dial up. DIAL UP. So alas, I must post and run. Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful fall night. We’ll be carving pumpkins later. How about you?