A brand new car!!!!

OK, so it’s new to us, not new as in “just rolled off the line.” But we finally got the minivan I eluded to eons ago. My cousin is a car dealer, so he found us something we normally couldn’t have afforded had we gone through a regular dealership, plucking it straight out of an auction and cleaning it up purdy like so we’d squeal with joy. And squeal I did. It’s really too nice for a girl like me. All leather interior, power everything, DVD player built right in; Lily thought the world had collided with heaven in a symphony of lights and music and utter brilliance. AND it comes with magic. We’re teaching Lily to clap and say abracadabra while I press the little remote button to make the doors slide open. She’s in love. Mark keeps calling it “Lily’s car” because let’s face it, this car was made for kids. We haven’t named her yet, but I’m leaning towards something wildly inappropriate. Any thoughts?

Turns out, I'm a soccer mom

Lily's new car

Our buddy Milton bought one of our other cars so we could make the van happen. He’s here visiting with us for a few days before he heads back home to La Paz. Whenever Milton’s here, mud becomes part of the picture. Last time it was a rain storm that tried to take out our water heater and the two men had to slosh around in the mud to solve the problem. This time the marsh land with the cat tails finally revealed its source. Mark has been digging all over that section of the yard trying to uncover the leak that was changing the ecology of the area. He had given up, written it off to a random upwelling of an ancient artesian spring when low and behold, the leak became very obvious. Off to Home Depot Mark went and then into the mud to replace parts. He told me the water would have to be off for about two hours and Milton, in his infinite wisdom, told Mark that he could just turn the water back on; the new joints would hold. I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut in these situations, knowing that as long as the result isn’t potentially fatal, I need to let them figure out how wrong they are on their own. I shook my head as they went running out to turn the water on and laughed openly when Milton came back very very wet. Ah men! They are so eager and misguided.