Big Girl

Mark took apart Lily’s crib today and we threw a mattress on her floor. She’d been sleeping in the guest bed and was digging the big bed option so we figured it was time. Especially now that she’s not wearing diapers at night; kinda hard to get to the toilet when you have to scale bars. We also emptied her room of all cloth diapers, covers and assorted perihelia. Yesterday her room was that of a baby and today… she’s a kid. She’s not really even a toddler anymore. There’s nothing “toddling” about her. She is adventurous, has a sense of humor, speaks in full sentences and can tell you what she thinks about the world, dances beautifully, is particular, opinionated, amazing! She’s recently picked up my, “Oh, nice!” line and uses it correctly, almost always resulting in smothered giggles from me and Mark. Today she told me that she wanted to eat up her sister and then proceeded to lick and “chomp” at her, declaring, “ummmm, nummy!”

She’s so big.

And I couldn’t be more excited.

apple fair

PS If anyone knows where I can find her some kick ass bed sets (no characters, not too feminine, funky, fun... that kind of thing), let me know. I'm on the prowl.