This morning I lay in bed with Anya (the fidget queen, btw) and watched Lily’s shadow run across the deck, mere moments after she had woken up. She was looking for Mark and when he went upstairs to meet her, she took him by the hand and led him into her room. I listed over the intercom as she told her dad, “Look, bed no wet!” She has finally done it. She went a whole night without an accident! We’ve been letting her sleep without a diaper for weeks, but this was the first time she made it though dry. I’m super proud, yo.

And boy does she love her underwear. We went out to our favorite pizza joint tonight and she told me that she had to go pee. I hustle her in there and she tries to pull down her underwear but hit a little snag. Yeah, it’s hard to get those panties down when you’re wearing FIVE PAIRS. She’s been doing this with socks, too. But with those, she doesn’t usually get out of the house since she can’t get her shoes on over all that bulk. Tonight in a dress, we had no idea she had loaded up on the “runners.”

In any event, she’s asleep now, hopefully to have another dry night. I have faith; after all, she’s cuddled up with a bag of baby carrots and a hair clip so really, what could go wrong?