Tis the season

I suckered Lily into a nap yesterday by taking her to the park – where she actually played with other kids rather than drag me around from swing to slide – then driving around randomly until she passed out. If anyone was following me they must have thought I was on crack. I do have to say that you gotta love that there is a place where we can legally tie our children down and refuse to let them move about the cabin freely. Anyway, our house is set way of from the road and has zero curb appeal. As in, you cannot see the house from the curb. Wait, we don’t actually have a curb… just a place where the assault meets the weeds. Think rural (yet within sniper distance o a major freeway) and you got us. All this to say, I left her sleeping in the car and went inside to eat chips and guacamole and watch Desperate Housewives on DVD. Now that’s the good life.

Not sure what I’ll have to do to get her down today, but I’m fairly certain I’ll loose. You see, Marty is coming to visit. Marty is my husband’s mother’s best friend from High School. Got that? She’s in town to see her parents for Thanksgiving and will be stopping by this afternoon to meet the babies and see our little slice of domesticity. Nobody can sleep when Marty is around. She’s likely to work Lily into such a frenzy we’ll be lucky if she EVER sleeps again. I’ve been fighting between cleaning up to try to impress and just letting it all hang out there. We’ve settled somewhere in between and THAT my friends is why I’m sitting here at the computer rather than scrubbing something.

Tomorrow, Lily goes and hangs out with my mom while she shops and cooks. Hopefully she’ll behave brilliantly and even take a nap so my moms head doesn’t explode. Thursday we all pile in the car and take the 1.5 hour trip up to see my Grandpa and assorted friends/family. This is his first holiday without Grandma and while there is usually a small battle about which side of the family we should visit, the decision seemed obvious. Christmas will still be a vicious battle of rock-paper-scissors, but at least this one was a no-brainer. Dinner is at 2:30. In my world we call that LUNCH, but it actually works out perfectly considering we have to drive home with two kids after. And at least it’s not likely to be overly exciting for the Lilster.

I’m just glad nobody expects me to cook anything this year.

OH, and if you need a good laugh, this had me all a-giggle.