Thankful for being OUT of the car

Just back from dinner with the family and the food and company couldn’t have been better. The girls were showered with praise and nobody actually ate them up (thank goodness for the piles of food scattered about the table, otherwise I’m sure they would have been lost). Once again I failed to get photos of my babes with my grandfather and for that I shall be flogged repeatedly.

The drive back was EVIL. On the way up the little one fussed quite a bit but she didn’t really put her whole heart into it. She made up for it on the way back. She screamed (not cried or fussed, but screamed) for about forty minutes when I finally demanded that Mark pull over so I could stuff a boob in her mouth. She settled down for all of thirty seconds after nursing and once we got back on the freeway was back to full strength. About twenty minutes later Lily announced that she had to pee. We pulled off the road and while Mark took Lily to pee in the bushes I changed Anya’s diaper, put her into soft warm jammies and she rewarded me with a monster burp. “AH HA!” I foolishly think. About three beautiful though painfully short minutes later, she was screaming again. About twenty minutes from home I chuck the nice soothing music we had on and throw a little Ani DiFranco in the player and crank it up. Silence.

FOR ABOUT THREE FREAKING SECONDS! And then we were back to the screaming. I was less than thankful. And I know what you’re thinking: did I check for spikes and acid pools in the car seat? YES! I totally did. Not one drop of acid or a single spike. Seriously. I looked HARD. She just hates me. Or the car. I don’t want to talk about it.

But ahhhhh, home; I love home. Lily went straight to bed without the slightest fuss and Anya is rolling around trying not to go to sleep. I am forced to sit and think about what I am thankful for since everyone else is doing it and I’m a joiner. I am thankful for so many things. But I think this pretty much sums it up for me:

Now that's a Christmas card

Hope you all had a blast and ate way too much pie.