We tend to binge around here, not buying anything for months and then spewing our money around on lusted after objects all in one fell swoop. In this manor we spend just as much as the average bear (at least as much as a bear in our similar social/economic class); we just do it with wild, giddy, somewhat maniacal laughter and big spender eyes. It really is more fun this way.

In any event, we got ourselves a DVR. Now all that angst over show loyalty can go right out the window. And commercials: commercials be damned. That’s right shameless advertisers: go on now, go walk out the door, just turn around now, 'cause you're not welcome anymore.

Guess what else I got? This sweet ass little number:

I can be an artist!

The easel comes with four brushes, a set of oil paints, acrylics, water colors AND a palette so I can look French. Do I know what to do with oil paints? Nope. Do I have a clue how to use acrylics? God, no. What about water colors? AH HA! Those I know how to use. And I bet you’re wondering how much I paid for this fabulous little ensemble: twenty five bucks. SERIOUSLY! I’ve actually wanted to try oils for awhile but didn’t have the funds for supplies or the time for a class. At that price, I can just screw around and see what happens.

And finally, we made one really big purchase: we’re getting the house tented for termites. We decided, in our infinite wisdom, to do this before the house fell down. It’s actually providing us with the opportunity to run off to my Uncle’s cabin in the woods for a couple of days. His “cabin” is like 2,500 square feet, located on several acres of forest, is only a few miles from an amazing observatory and is outfitted with all the comforts of home. Dude, let’s get the house gassed every year!

Hot damn, it’s a good day.