Milestone bonanza!

On Sunday we went to make a quick visit at my sister’s house. They’re re-doing the kitchen and it is currently a big empty room with bare floors and wires sticking out of the walls. GREAT place to visit with a toddler and six-month-old. Since they have a three-month-old, it’s actually pretty sectioned off, so after saying hi to my dad I left Mark with him to talk wall goo and took the girls into the living room to chat with my sis. I set Anya down on the floor between us as Lily ran around gleefully exclaiming random facts. A couple of minutes later my sister looked down at Anya, the up to me and asked, “Did you sit her up?”

“Nope. Hey Lily, did you help sister sit up?”

“No. Look! Kitty!”

“I guess she figured it out.”

Anya has also just about mastered crawling. Still not a graceful action, but she can get across a room before you know it. Just the other day I set her down in the dining room to cut some food up for Lily and next thing I know she’s falling down the two steps into the living room. I swear, I wasn’t looking away that long.

And just now, while I sat with Lily in the bathroom (sometimes she needs some company when pooping), I discovered a brand new addition to our little family: Anya’s first tooth. Smack dab in the middle of her lower gum, you can feel it more than see this sharp little ridge giving us the go ahead for solid food. She kept me up ALL NIGHT LONG last night and has been making snot and droll to excess so I’m not at all surprised to find the little pearl. Once the snotty nose chills out, we’ll try some banana or avocado and make the milestone party complete.

Guess I need to make some additions to her List of Firsts.