Too quiet

Lily exploded this morning, driven insane by lack of sleep and an intense need to cause harm to someone, anyone; better if they cannot yet run away from her wrath. She didn’t get to bed last night until after 9pm because we were out late smoking crack trimming the tree at my moms house after a delightful dinner. When we got home I wrestled with an angry Anya while Mark put Lily down, gave her a snack and wandered off. WHAAA? It’s bedtime you dork silly sweet man; get that freaky child into bed! I finally had to yell and threaten ask him nicely to put her to bed as there was no way in hell I was getting Anya asleep with all that craziness running around.

Lily was up by 6am, running rampant in her room and hooting at the dog. By 7am she was trying to take over the world using nothing but the sheer power of her voice. By 8:30 I was wrestling her into her bed again, demanding she sleep or stop acting crazy. She has done neither. Since Anya finally went down for her nap (after much moaning and crying… after all, her sister was trying to kill her) I remanded Lily to the little playroom and put on The Jungle Book. It’s now very very quiet and while I know I should go check on her, I’m just a little afraid. If she’s happily watching the movie my appearance will make her jump up and attack me with a force I just can’t handle without full body padding. And if she’s unhappy… I just don’t know that I have the energy to deal with it. Damn, I should have opened the curtains so I could look from across the deck, but nope, I’m just not that smart.

I have a stack of presents I need to get into the mail and a house to ready for our big Solstice Party; a party for which I already have 50 RSVP’s. The house looks like a toddler, an infant and an apathetic mother live here. Oh wait, that’s who actually lives here. Weeeeeeee!

Wish me luck. May the child not cause the world to implode. May the infant not be cranky. May the apathetic mother figure her shit out and clean up the house or mail presents or do any ONE of the tasks so desperately needed around here.