Encouraged by this article (so generously shared by this fabulous Peach) we’ve decided not to take the puréed path of baby food to which the majority of this nation seems so dedicated. With Lily, I made mashed foods at home, but not a whole lot as she really did prefer to work on her own when it came to food (and every other thing on the planet, but that’s beside the point). I have never purchased or fed either of my kids a jar of store bought baby food and for some reason, that makes me insanely happy. I have no intention of breaking that record, so little jars be damned!*

Yesterday, while dining at my moms, we stuck Anya in the high chair and gave her a spoon to eat. She gagged herself (with a spoon!) countless times as she inspected every last micron of that thing with her mouth. After a while the spoon just wasn’t giving her the love anymore so I reached over and scattered a handful of cooked peas on her tray. Her coordination still isn’t brilliant so she mostly smashed the peas around the tray and smeared them on herself. Not a single one made it into her mouth which was what I had expected.

which end goes in the mouth? Spoon girl you eat 'em, Mom kisses

Today we tried out some small chunks of banana. There must be something particularly satisfying about smashing banana in your fist because that’s pretty much all she did, her little fist opening and closing with a wet sticky sound. She almost got a little bit in there, but was thwarted by her hand moving in one direction and her mouth moving in another. Then she smeared it in her hair and giggled happily. Maya, who was thrilled to see the return of the highchair, sat directly under the baby and just waited for a morsel or two to drop, practically knocking me down in her haste to get to a scrap of banana that fell farther then she anticipated. Damn dog.

contemplation balanced... you're kidding, right? showing her how it's done

She’s also getting good at crawling, although it’s still pretty funny to watch. Here she is crawling to Grandpa:

crawling to grandpa (2) crawling to grandpa (3) crawling to grandpa (5) crawling to grandpa (6)

Finally, we did another couple of crafts for Solstice today. We made some spirals for the tree and did some tin can candle holders (saying that makes me think of the cancan, DANCE!). Kinda a cool little project, actually. You take any old tin can and peel off the label, then fill it with water and stick it in the freezer. Make a new label and draw on it whatever pattern or image you want the light to show. Once the water in the can is totally frozen, rewrap the label, get yourself a hammer and nail and smash little holes to form the pattern. The ice keeps you from flattening the can, so don’t skip this step. I’m going to try putting some tissue paper around them for color and will get a shot tomorrow at the party. In the meantime, check out some photos on making them:

hammer/nail/hands tin moon Lily plays nearby tin star

*Sorry, my kids have been crazy lately and I have had precious little time alone. This makes me a little crazy and when I do get some time to sit and blog with BOTH hands, I act like a freak. It’s why you love me. Because you do love me, right?