party all the time

I’m trying to type while Anya sits in my lap and flails at the keyboard. It’s a challenge, to say the least. With all the milestones and the tooth appearance, she’s been a clingy monkey and my body actually aches from lugging her around everywhere. It’s nice to be wanted, but for goodness sake, kid: get off! And poor Lily has been having a rough go of it lately as we keep going out to these holiday parties and keeping her up past bedtime. This makes for a very cranky girl in the morning. Although right now, fresh from a nap, she is amusing me by sitting on the potty and calling out, “Poop!” every time a poop exits her butt. At least, that’s what I assume is going on in there, I was told to “STAY!” Oh, and there goes Anya, crawling for the dog water dish.

Good times.

All this makes it so I feel pretty good about leaving my children this evening. One of the companies Mark works for is having their party tonight and it’s no kids allowed.

Bless them.

We’ll get all dolled up and hang out with swanky peeps while enjoying a kickin’ blues band at a cool downtown club. It just sounds adult, doesn’t it? I’m being all ghetto though and on this kick where I’m refusing to shave my legs until… you know, I don’t actually have a goal. I’m just not shaving. I managed to put together an outfit that’ll fly; hippieish without actually showing off the furry legs. I’ll be good and put on make-up, though. Gotta keep my face guessing… don’t want it to get all complacent and stuff. When a good face goes complacent, it’s really ugly. Yes. I just made that up.

In any event, I gotta go work on making myself purdy. Pray for me.

OH! And our party on Saturday night was a blast. You SO wish you could have been there.