We have no hot water, no heat. When you get your house tented they have to turn off the gas; you know, so your house won’t explode. The tents came off the house late Friday and the gas company really hates to work on weekends so we have no heat or hot water until sometime on Monday when they decide to show up. Why are we back from the mountain then? I’m glad you asked! Mark is heading out on a gig today and wanted to get back home in time to get the house in order (put all the food away, replace chimney cap, reset the porch, etc). So here we are.

It’s not so bad, really. Mark made eggs on his camping stove this morning and we giggled at each other over mugs of hot tea, heated in the microwave. Lily – apparently impervious to cold – is running around in a dress and jammie pants, having a blast trying to put things on the baby. Anya is currently sporting a washcloth on her head. At least it’s a dry washcloth.

Tomorrow it’ll just be little ol’ me as Mark will be in Vegas living it up working. He’s gone for the better part of the week and I am soooooo dreading it. He used to travel for work all the time, but these days he’s mostly doing residential carpentry jobs. I have had to do very little single parenting since Anya came along and so am looking at the week with terror, wondering how I’ll make it all fly. I know by weeks end I’ll have a whole new respect for parents who have to do this on their own 24/7. Hopefully I won’t go insane.

Sorting through pictures from the cabin now and will see what I can do about putting together a post about our little vacation. It was awesome, just so you know. More later.