Crossed wires

My first day without the second shift (aka Mark) went remarkably well considering I hired a friend’s daughter to come hang out with the girls. I even got to go do groceries without Lily running around in circles. When I was cracking open the wallet to pay the domestic goddess stand-in for her time Lily asked to have a dollar. So I handed one over and explained what you do with money, “You buy things at the store. What do you think you’ll buy?”

Some serious thinking gave us all a lengthy pause; this child wasn’t going to rush her first financial decision. “Ummm… socks! Yeah, Mommy, I want to go buy socks! Bye bye!” and out the front door she went. It was cold so she came back. I guess clothes were on her mind. Today she was too cold to get changed when she awoke so over her jammies (tee shirt and red sweats) she put on a purple and green painting dress, lime green socks, her pink all stars and a green sweater. She’s styling.

Speaking of cold, by four pm today I was beginning to wonder if the gas to the house would ever be turned on again. Mark had told me that the termite company would arrange for SDG&E to come out and get the gas flowing. So I called the termite company to try to get some sort of ETA for heat. They politely informed me that Mark was supposed to arrange that; they just arrange to get the gas turned OFF.

Son of a motherless goat.

I got on the horn with SDG&E and set up for them to come tomorrow, but hey three days without a shower is so very weeeeeeeeeeee! And the girls? Oh they could use a bath; it’s been more like five days for them. And cooking? I pulled off a meal tonight with the toaster oven and microwave! And it was good, dammit.

The nice lady at SDG&E tried to tell me that I had to be home when the dude arrived but instead I informed her I’d leave him a nice note and a way to get to the hot water heater so he could light the pilot light. Ain’t no way I’m going to spend my second day hanging around the house with two stinky kids in the cold.

Hanging strong, yo.