What do today?

Lily: What do today, Mommy?

Me: What did you do today, Lily?

Lily: Kiki and J have lunch.

Me: Yep, and did we go to the library for story time?

Lily: Yeah! Kids. Stories.

Me: And we saw Athena and Olivette and Porter and played with the books.

Lily: Yeah, Porter. [pause] Man came to house. Lily cried.

Me: The man from the gas company came and turned on the heat for us. Tomorrow we can have hot showers and won’t have to be cold!

Lily: Lily not scared.

Me: You did cry a little, huh. You were tired and wanted mommy to come back from talking to the man and showing him the water heater.

Lily: Yeah [fake cries], I cry like that.

Me: Yep. And did Mommy yell too much today?

Lily: Yeah. Mommy tired. Go sleep, Mommy?

Me: I have some work to do, but yeah, I need more sleep. I’m sorry I yelled today.

Lily: Lily yell too.

Me: Yeah, you did get a little upset too. Maybe we all need more sleep.

Lily: Anya [which she pronounces On-nah] sick. Mommy hold Anya and hold Lily and Mommy say, “It OK. I know, baby.”

Me: It was a hard day for all of us. I’m missing Daddy.

Lily: Miss Daddy. He work. Home soon.

Me: In a couple of days. I love you.

Lily: I lub you.

Me: Hug and kiss? [I get both] Tomorrow we’ll have a better day and you’ll get to go see Grandma and Grandpa for a while.

Lily: YEAH! Mama and Papa! [giggles]

Me: Goodnight, my lub.

Lily: Sleep, Mommy.

Me: An excellent idea.