I ran the garbage disposal this morning and had to shut it off in a hurry when it started to make the noise that means the world is about to come to a very icky and wet end. It’s done this before and since I didn’t know what the noise meant last time, the failure to shut it down quickly resulted in a carrot bits explosion that had me picking shreds of orange fiber outta the ceiling for a month. These things always happen when Mark is out of town.

Anyway, I started removing pipes and clearing the line, but couldn’t get the U shaped pipe to come off. Since it’s full of soupy looking water, it’s pretty safe to guess that a large portion of blockage is downstream from there. I called my dad and he’s going to come over at lunch to help me get it sorted out. A call to Mark told me where to find the pipe snake. I hate that I can’t fix this on my own. At least it makes my dad feel good to help me; otherwise I’d be sobbing in my cereal at the moment.

Meanwhile, Anya’s got more snot coming out of her pipes. I actually used the hated snot sucker device on her and was shocked at the sheer volume of goo that I liberated from her nose. And the drooling! Wow. I have never seen this much ick on my baby, ever. She was even born cleaner than this. Thank goodness everyone has been sleeping pretty well.

Just have to hold it all together for another 36 hours.