The gods shall smite thee!

We had an awesome day yesterday. Mark and I actually spent the entire day enjoying each other’s company… a very rare event indeed. The three (and a ½) of us had breakfast in PB and then dropped Lily off at my moms. From there we hit up a local resale shop where I scored on a few Maternity tops, then on to the TJ Maxx, Ross, Burlington rounds looking for jeans for Mark and some more maternity scores for me. More food (Indian, yum) then Starbucks for sugary treats, and THEN (and this is big folks), we took in a movie. We saw Sideways and really enjoyed it. I’m beginning to think Fox Searchlight has some smart people working for them. After the movie, we went and picked up Lily and met friends at our house for pizza and really good root beer. Now that is a good day.

Today I woke up solidly on the wrong side of the bed. I guess all that fun just pissed off the gods. Before noon I had already yelled at my husband, spoke sternly to my toddler and almost burst into tears while walking into work because of this thought: “at least with all the rain we’re getting, our baby will born into a world of green hillsides, blooming flowers and unbelievable beauty.” Work has been challenging. I’m annoyed at one of my bosses and I’m just ready for a freaking nap.

I shall now quit my whining and get my ass working. Proceed with the frivolity.