Oh, how I miss my fabulous laptop...

My fabulous laptop is in the shop and I am so very sad. I have a tablet PC which allows me to draw directly on my computer… something that makes me giggle with glee and bounce up and down like a high school [pregnant] cheerleader. It came in very handy when I was creating logos and designing marketing materials for my theatre projects. A couple of months ago, half of the screen refused to cooperate with the stylus. Bastard! Can’t even enjoy solitaire since then, and that is simply tragic. Mark and I finally got all my files of import onto disk or transferred onto his computer. My freaking laptop was fighting this process and I had to trash half a dozen CD’s before we linked up our computers and did the transfer that way. Yesterday, Mark brought it to the fancy repair place and they gave him an estimate of five to six days. I’m hoping to have it back in two to three years. For now I must covertly post at work or finagle Mark’s computer out from under hi, preferably when he’s not looking.

Wow that was boring. I think I beat KB in boring on that one.

I’m making banana bread! Does that liven things up at all? Thought not.

Here, does this make amends?