I got my computer back! And they didn’t loose anything! And the tablet screen works!

In other news, my daughter has learned how to deceive. She was having her morning scrambled eggs when she spied my bread. And this wasn’t any bread; this was cinnamon swirled, frosted, full of sugar, topped with butter, oh so tasty, Mark heartily disapproved of bread. So of course, this is what she simply had to have. I told her I’d give her a bite once she finished her eggs and headed into the living room to munch on my evil bread. Not 30 seconds later she calls out that she’s done and I turn to see her holding out an empty plate. Suspicious, no? So I walk on over to find her clutching a handful of eggs to her chest, hoping I won’t notice.

Turns out she did the same thing with Mark with hot dog (yes we feed our child hot dogs), only she hid the bits in her mouth and then spit it out once she got what she wanted. My little con artist!