Just back from a weekend in the woods

Some of you already know that I kidnapped my husband this weekend and took him off to a cabin in the woods.

Just he and me and (unborn) baby made three. Lily stayed with her grandma (and had a BLAST, might I add) and Maya (dog) stayed with friends. Mark didn’t figure out where we were headed until we hit Hemet and while I missed a few items with packing for him – why would he need a pair of pants that have their button, I brought a belt, and who needs a hairbrush, he’s sexy when he’s all disheveled – he very much enjoyed the surprise. We stayed at the Fireside Inn in the Cameron I and folks, don’t be fooled; those photos show you just about the entire interior… complete with six foot doorway (Mark is 6’3”) that you literally had to kick open. Oh! And not to forget the creepy Satan, I mean, Santa picture on the wall! Looks totally sane up close, but from across the room when the lights are low… check it:

Normal Santa

evil Santa

The whole place slanted towards the front and was so cute and so cozy and just slightly bizarre. We feel in love.

As soon as we arrived, we took a nap and then went out for a lovely dinner. We rented a couple of movies only to discover the VCR didn’t work and so watched bad TV while burning brownies in the tiny stove (we ate ‘em anyway). We spent Saturday walking around town and then took a five minute drive up the mountain to snow!

There we got very cold (I couldn’t find Mark’s gloves) and made a snow gnome.

The big local landmark is a mountain peak called “Lily Rock”

so photos of that had to happen as well. We turned in early Saturday night and awoke late Sunday morning. Off to dessert, I mean breakfast, where I had the gooiest, yummiest cinnamon roll French toast… had me positively spinning on that sugar high all the way down the mountain.

As crazy as that girly of ours can make me, I was so ready to see her little face again. She was just waking up from a nap when we returned and fell on top of me with a huge hug. She was thrilled to see us both and was clearly not abused while we were away. She got to go to a doggy graduation for guide dogs, was the hit at my mom’s church and made my mom melt with hugs and kisses and her well placed words. Everyone won on this one, baby.

I’m so tired right now, I can’t even find my own face, but will see if I can add some photos to this before I dissolve.