The post where the * is longer than the actual post

Mark’s grandfather is turning 90 next week and so we are making a trip up to the Bay Area to join in the festivities.* It will be Lily’s second trip on a plane and I am THRILLED that Mark will be with us this time around. She did great last trip, but it was the most stressful set of plane rides I have ever experienced. We’ll get to spend a day with Allyn and Erich, who we adore (Allyn is Lily’s Fairy Godmother and was the one who stayed with us for a month when Lil was born to cook us dinners and help me not freak out – we seriously love this woman) and then get to see Mark’s big brother Mike who flew in from England for the big event. We haven’t seen Mike in years and he’s never met Lily, so we’re really excited to spend some time with him. He’s even coming down to see our half demolished house with their mom so not only will Grandma take over Lily (Lil LOVES her Grandma Heidi) but the boys will get to hang out and drink too much beer together… always funny.

In any event, Zacco will be thrilled with all his adoring fans and we’ll get to see the whole gang. We’re looking forward to a fun, but likely stressful weekend. Wish us luck!

*If my mom reads this, this will be the point at which she throws a major worry fit as I have just announced to “the whole world” that we will be away from our home for the weekend, therefore guaranteeing that we have just left our home open to all the bad guys in the world who read my blog and are stalking me. She is now envisioning a weekend of dirty, nasty men, pawing through my underwear drawer, doing ugly things on my sheets and stealing every object of value we may have. OH, now she’s imaging the bad guys meeting each other and, after a short skirmish over who is the number one stalker, deciding to hide out in the closets until we come home, where they will then spring out of said closets and murder us in our sleep. What she doesn’t yet know is that our former frat boy friend, who works in the construction industry AND our dog will be there the whole weekend, so she can just chill out and stop freaking. And “the whole world” reading this: you have been warned. No, not about the dog and big friend, but about my mother. You mess with us and that woman will get in your head for all times and work you into such a lather, you will never be able to pass a DAY without worrying about something you don’t need to actually worry about. Seriously folks, I love my mom, but she is IN MY HEAD.