Pissy Purple People Eaters

Woke at 8:38am this morning and was scheduled to be at work at nine. I made it by 9:15. Mark made me an asparagus omelet, forbidding me from even thinking about walking out the door without food. I threw some water on my hair to tame the wild locks and grabbed the closest set of clothing without toddler snot all over it. I was supposed to pack for our trip this morning, instead I threw a bunch of random objects on the bed as I dressed and will hopefully add to them later. As I’m leaving Mark says “Hey, we need someone to give us a ride to the airport.” Ummmm, YEAH. That would have been something to think about earlier, not blindside your wife with as she walks out the door. OH, and apparently it’s my job to find someone?

Now I’m stressing about the fact that our flight is after Lily’s bedtime. Will she sleep or will she be wide awake and PISSED OFF because she’s so tired? We won’t get to Allyn’s house until almost midnight and I’m hoping there will be no screams to wake her neighbors. Lily will be sleeping in the closet (it’s a big one, RELAX) and I just really want a shower. I’m grumpy.

Last night I dreamt a couple of weird things: first I was laying across a bunch of people I don’t know watching a ball game and some idiot kept leaning their elbow on my pregnant belly and it hurt like a mofo. I kept having to tell them to stop it! Then I dreamt that we were living somewhere where we had to use a public shower and I was very exposed. I got all freaked out because I saw these two guys heading towards me and I was naked and thought they were going to do something nasty and instead it ended up being these two women who were there to offer their help. Strange. I haven’t the energy to dissect either one of these, so go for it blogging mamas. Tell me what it means. Extra points to those who come up with crazy stuff that tie in with my mother. Or gremlins. Or purple people eaters. You pick.