On the Road Again

My dad was late picking us up for the airport because the freeway onramp was shut down, but it wasn't much of a big deal because our flight was delayed. Lily didn't sleep a wink, but was delightful and cheery the whole flight. She finally crashed after midnight when we finally got in our rental car and the rest of us we're out after a light dinner, by about 1am. Our dear sweet baby slept until almost 9:30am (BLESS!) and we had a delightful breakfast at "Ruby's Can't Fail Cafe." Allyn made Lily a cute little dress (I'll post a photo when we get home) and all's good, baby.

Just thought I'd check in and say Hi! and tell you to go check out the one entry Coffegirl's been able to get into the Bitchen Kitchen (breakfast). It rocked my world with it's bitchen potential. We're accepting submissions now, so CLICK the link to the right and SUBMIT to the Bitchen Kitchen Babes.