We’re back, and better than EVER!

Our trip went really well; I’m officially exhausted and happy to be home. Lily LOVES traveling and does really well on airplanes. My toddler kicks some serious ass, baby and is a freaking delight! Put that in your pipe and smoke it you grumpy old people that take one look at you getting on a plane with a toddler and give you nasty looks.

I’m a bit too tired to write much and need to be at work early tomorrow, so I give you our trip in photos:

Lily loved the luggage cart at the airport. It’s almost when this photo was taken and she’s obviously appalled that we’ve kept her up so late past her bedtime. Bad parents.

This is the before mentioned dress that Allyn made Lil. Not the best shot for seeing the brilliance of the darn thing, but so freaking cute we went with it. Daddy has cool shoes.

We had dinner at the Olive Garden, a total surprise to the birthday boy. Mark’s Grandpa turns 90 on Tuesday and that was the whole reason for our trip. This was after a bunch of wine…

Lily’s new favorite past time. She LOVES swinging with a passion and will cry while waving and calling out “BYE” as we drag her away from the park. We’ve found a way to add to the joy of the swinging by allowing her to dramatically kick Daddy. Guess Mark’s former career as an actor had to come into play some time in his life.

Lily has big aspirations. She discovered one of my bras and had blast “trying” it on. Cracked my ass up.

That’s all I got for now, folks. Mark’s brother from England and his mom will be visiting for most of the week; I’ll try not to be too much of a stranger, but will likely fail. Work, family, fatigue… it’s a good life!