Fishy Lily and happy nuptials

Little Miss Lily is starting swim lessons on Monday! And get this: she’s going to the same swim school I went to at her age. It’s three lessons a week (MWF) for three weeks AND my mom is paying for it! Mark will take her on Mondays, my mom on the other two. I’m thinking I’ll sit in on Friday’s so I can get some stellar pics. If I can find a bathing suit that fits me, I might even be able to get in and enjoy the 95 degree water with her! ‘Course then I’d have to deal with the fact that I’m a huge, preggo, hairy legged lady in a funky mismatched swim get-up. Us pregnant ladies, we don’t get dignity. We even have to be careful so as not to pee on ourselves when laughing or sneezing.

I have really fond memories of swimming there (what limited ones I do have as I believe we stopped that school when I was about six) and love that they take kids as young as 6 weeks old. Mark and my mom brought Lil by the school the other day and she was very excited about all the kids splashing in the water. As they were leaving, she pointed back at it and made happy questioning noises, so I’m hoping that when it’s time to get in the water she’ll be into it. My big worry is that she’s kind of a freak about getting her head wet, but I’m sure they are used to dealing with sensitive toddlers.

Can you tell how excited I am about this? Can you tell that I over think things, just a bit!

In other news: Daphne and Bryan are getting hitched tomorrow in Vegas and while I know it’s totally out of the realm of possibilities to attend, I’m really going to miss being there. I’ve only known these people for a short period of time and only actually spent a total of about four hours in their company, but feel like I know them so much better than all that. I feel like they are part of my life and am pissed that I can’t get myself out there for the nuptials. Especially with the huge bomb they dropped on all us blogger folks. Have a blast you two and do something ridiculous for me!

Gotta get back to work, my lunch is consumed and I have way too much to accomplish before I go on maternity leave, so I really ought not pitter (is that a word?) away anymore!