An even bigger idea than the toilet duck

There are three other pregnant ladies at work and let me just give you one guess where I run into them most frequently: uh huh, that’s right, THE BATHROOM. I swear I spend more time in that little room than I do at my desk. I actually asked our tech guy if I could just move my office in there. He and I figured if we just get me a laptop and run a phone line, I could get so much more done in a day. AND I’d get fewer interruptions from those silly reps I manage. He toyed briefly with the idea of just installing a toilet at my desk (slacker was trying to make this maintenance guys problem I suspect), but I vetoed that plan right quick. I know I admitted that us pregnant ladies don’t get to have dignity, but that was just taking it too far. The toilet office really is a perfect plan. The only problem I can foresee is that I’d want to use the handicap stall and then we wouldn’t be ADA compliant. That, and the other preggo ladies might find out and want toilet offices of there very own, and then nobody else would be able to pee as there are only four toilets in the administration section of the complex. So, I guess it’s a slightly flawed plan… but then what plan doesn’t have a hole or two?