Bitchen Kitchen

We're on! Krystyn has agreed to design the web aspect of the cookbook if I collect the entries. I'm new at this, so if you have a suggestion about info I should ask for inclusion or whatever, please let me know. Don't ever assume I know what I'm doing here.

Here's how you submit:

Email the following info to

1) Subject line of your email should be the name of your dish

2) Send a link to your blog

3) How you'd like to be credited (i.e. your actual name or your blog name)

4) Indicate your category from the following: Appetizers, Breakfast, Brunch, Desserts, First Course, Hors d'Oeuvres, Main Course, Side, Snacks

5) You must write the recipe yourself... by that I mean it must have your own slant to the story (see this post for some examples of what we're looking for).

6) Please credit where you got the original recipe, if you know.

7) If you can, we'd love to have a photo of the dish. Coffeegirl says 250 pixels x 250 pixels would be max for now. So clickity click, folks!

8) Spread the word; we'd love to have a BUNCH to choose from.

I won't share your email address with anyone other than Coffeegirl and only so she can contact you if there are questions while she's designing. Selling, sharing, etc of your personal info would totally piss me off and it won't happen because of me or Coffeegirl. Period. That's just freaking wrong and icky and I would have to hurt someone who did it to me.

We'll try to include everyone's submissions, but special consideration will go to those who write things that crack us up AND are yummy to eat. I don't intend to limit the number of entries, but then I only expect two people to submit...

Looking forward to it? I know I am, 'cause I'm a big ol' dork!