I never fail to amaze my husband

We took Lily to a baseball game last night at our new stadium. Had they not been comp tickets I wouldn’t have gone. I’m still bitter that we got a new stadium when our downtown library is falling apart. Priorities, people!

Anyway, Lily loved the Trolley ride there and thought the clapping was brilliant. She’s a very good fan, my girl. I don’t think I saw a single play as I was either off spending $15 on a hot dog, nachos and a drink, watching the girly climb around and giggle, or laughing at her as she pointed and clapped and jumped up and down at the slightest provocation. She was wonderful (but hey, what’s new?). We decided to take off at the 8th inning to beat the crowds back to the Trolley. Mark was all ready to start the “excuse me, pardon me,” routine to pass the people in our row when I stepped up and over to the row behind (which was conveniently clear of people) and headed out that way. This HUGE grin broke across his face and he said, “Now how many seven-month pregnant women can do THAT!” Nice to know I can still amaze him.

On the Trolley ride home (packed, but a nice guy got up and let all of us sit together... there are still good people in the world) the gentleman sitting across from us all of a suddenly says to Mark, “Let me guess, Scottish and Norwegian!”

“Nope. Mostly German and English.”

“But you’re so tall!”

The two got into an interesting discussion about the tallest man on record (from England). He then turns to me and says, “Well, clearly you’re Irish!”

“Nope. Mostly German. A little bit of French and a whole lot of mutt in there as well.”

Cracked my ass up, because this guy either thinks he has a talent for guessing peoples origins or he’s found a really interesting way to engage people in conversation. Either way, we had a blast and Lily got lots of complements on how good she was, how pretty, etc.

An exhausting night, but a good one none-the-less!