Elle won't be doing any photo shoots at our house

Mark and I feel that it is very important that everyone in this house be allowed to express themselves (except the cat who seems to express herself by pissing on the dog bed… we’re not a big fan of that sort of self expression). As such, we allow our 20-month-old child to dress as she pleases. She either unloads all her drawers and forms amazing and startling works of fashion from the pile or we hold out a series of items and wait until she stops saying “NO” and pushing away the offending item. Much to my dismay, she’s a HUGE fan of pink and thinks that combining different types of stripes is the height of fashion. Now, I am the FIRST to admit that I have very little fashion sense, but this child… she takes the cake. For your viewing pleasure, I offer you a snapshot of my daughter as she heads out to spend a day with Grandma:

P.S. For the record, I had to talk her into the shorts. She wanted to spend the day JUST in the tights. Pants were a big fat NO as those would have clearly hidden the fabulousness of the striped tights, but the shorts with the butterfly design seemed to be agreeable after much chasing about the house. We have MOUNTAINS of hand-me-downs, so the combinations really are endless and astonishing.