90 miles to the fabulous blue

Woke up this morning and thought, “Crap, I have to figure out what to do with Lily all day so that Mark can get some work done.” This is not a thought most mothers have. Most mothers spend every day with their children. I don’t. This makes me just a little sad, but that’s another story. To get back to the point, it suddenly dawned on me that Daphne_Blue is only 90 miles away and why not inflict myself on her family? She called me back after I emailed her and was actually agreeable to the idea of being descended upon. We met up at the coffee shop that she and Bryan met at and let the kids run wild. OK, so when I say kids, I mean Lily and Bryan, those two chased each other stupid. Phoebe doesn’t walk yet, but she and Lil still had a blast poking each other in the eyes and sharing cheerios.

And here’s the really wild thing: you know how when you go to meet someone you don’t really know there is this worry that you will have absolutely nothing to talk about? These people were too damn fun to hang out with. We had no shortage of chatting and spent the better part of four hours taking obnoxious photos, eating too much sugar and making fun of idiots. It was a blast. At least for me. They may have a whole nother story.

OH. And when I got home, Mark had completely cleared out the office and painted it! I should run off with Lily more often.

Here are some photos to make you all jealous that I got to actually meet the famous Daphne.

Yes, I do believe Phoebe is saying "Help me".

You all thought she was kidding when she makes jokes about stealing your babies...

Phoebe may not be able to walk yet, but she can still chase Lil with a little help from her da!