Blah, blah, blah and some photos

I've got a sore throat and feel like crap, so amuse yourself with the following photos, if you will.

Apparently, Daddy needs a pedicure and Lily's just the gal to give him one.

How many years bad luck is it to open an umbrella inside? She had a blast with this thing, so maybe the gods will let this one slide.

We call this guy Sancho. He's not our dog and yet he shows up everyday and stays all day. Maya (our actual dog) has lost weight as these two adore each other and frolic about all the day long. We'd adopt him if we could, but don't know who he belongs to as he never wears tags. He's been picked up by animal control and returned within two days, so someone claimed him. He's a GREAT dog, so sweet and smart. Love him, just a little bit.