Don't read this one. It's just crap.

OK, so I changed the name of the blog. We’ll see if I can deal with it or if I have a moment of brilliance and come up with something else. Maybe I’ll totally freak out and switch it back. Who knows, I’m emotional and hormonal. It’s a bitch.

Last night was a blast. Had Braxton Hicks contractions all night long and was up about a million times to pee. Each time I’d awake, I’d find this hard, tight belly attached to me and while it wasn’t that uncomfortable, it wasn’t conducive to a good nights sleep. And it shouldn’t be possible to pee THAT MUCH in a single night. Where did all that fluid come from? I actually woke up dehydrated, I kid you not. I called in sick to work as I just couldn’t function without being very rude. On Tuesday I actually said this to a rep when discussing our boss’s birthday cake:

“OK, sure so you won’t be here on Thursday, how about we do cake on Friday then when the BIRTHDAY girl isn’t here?”

This rep may be the bane of my existence, but geez, a good boss would have handled that with just a smidge more tact.

I totally romanticized pregnancy after I had Lily. It was an awesome experience. Easiest birth you could imagine. And she is one easy going kid. So here’s my question: if this baby is giving me such a bitch of a time*, what does this mean for the rest of this? Am I doomed to a more difficult birth and a child that will cause people to pity me? Is this the beginning of the end? Am I blogging while under the influence of ragging hormones? A LITTLE BIT! Ignore this whole thing. It’s clearly a load of crap.

*Before the stories of horrid pregnancy’s start, let me assure you that I know I have it easy. Even with the minor complaints, I am still aware that my body does great with pregnancy. Most of what you see here is my brain being evil, not my body. Please, no horrid pregnancy or birth stories… I just can’t deal with that right now.