Would you like a little cheese with that WHINE?

Lily didn’t sleep well last night and Mark ended up sleeping with her. She was up at 5:30 in the freaking morning and spent the morning whining. Mark was a little grumpy as well from not getting much sleep and trying to get all his stuff together for this weekends camping trip. He’s off getting his teeth cleaned now and then will rush back to leave. I was supposed to be taking Lily with me to a talk on Homeopathy, but due to the lack of sleep she crashed hard right as I was getting ready to leave. Then the damn dog came racing into the house covered up to her pits in mud and runs across the idiotic white carpet someone was stupid enough to install. Lily has another swim class today and I don’t have anything even resembling a bathing suit so I can’t go in with her without being the scandalous naked pregnant chick. Mark is taking the camera with him so no swim photos. I’m tired and cranky and have to go trap and hose down the freaking dog. And as much as I love my beautiful daughter I am not looking forward to a whole weekend of caring for her solo when I feel this tired and HUGE. I know, I’m not that huge, but I’m feeling like a HUGE pregnant lady this week.

And I have to work on Sunday. And despite the fact I have reminded Mark twice, I am paranoid he will fail to set the clock forward and show up here late, making me late to work. I mean, come on, it’s a freaking bachelor party camping trip; he’s gonna be a drunk bastard all weekend with a bunch of other drunk bastards. He deserves the opportunity to get stupid for a while, I’m just being a big ol’ freak.


OK, tantrum done. How’s everyone else doing?