Things that need to happen before this baby comes topside:

DONE: Buy homebirth supplies.

DONE: Set up birth pool (might as well get some fun out of it with Lily).

DONE: Blow up the birth ball (oh, more fun with Lily!).

DONE: Organize diaper supplies and see what we still need (covers!).

DONE: Go through baby clothes and pull out needed items; launder the suckers.

* Select a pediatrician that doesn’t suck eggs.

* Buy and assemble dresser/changing table for our room.

* Buy changing table topper (contour style) and covers.

* Build/install shelf for diaper supplies in our room.

* Find/install dimmer switch to shelf.

* Put the small TV in the bedroom for the late-night-won’t-sleep-mamas-going-insane-and-needs-to-zone-

out-on-bad-late-night-TV evenings. Cable would be nice too. OH, and a VCR!

* Make enough freezer food to feed a small African nation.

* Go see a movie or two in the theatre with my husband.

* In fact, a couple of date nights would be brilliant.

* Rest.