Swim doesn't have to suck!

Lily now looks forward to swim class. If you say, “Lily, are you going to go swimming today?” She’ll nod her head, big smile on her face and head for the door while saying, “yeah, yeah!” She’s excited when she gets there, heads straight for the pool, loves watching the kids jump in, urging them on with cries of, “Jump! Jump!” and giggles. She is eager to get into the pool and float around with Daddy or Grandma and now only cries when the instructor comes to dip her. The funny thing is, she’ll see John Paul coming, hold out her arms so he can pick her up, get dipped and then give him a high five… all while crying. She actually seems to be enjoying it, just seems to feel as though it’s mandatory to cry at him. My mom is going to sign her up for another session and we’ll keep it going. I, however, will continue to stay away. I only have so much resolve.