Things I just don't get:

Republicans: I’m sure there is some logic to their point of view but as someone who grew up the child of hippies and who has spent my entire adult life working in the arts, I just can’t figure those people out. I do find it interesting that historically, while republicans are in the white house the NEA enjoys better funding than when there is a democrat in there, but don’t know yet what that means. Of course you could easily argue that the NEA is not exactly a liberal organization, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Religious zealots: I get passion. Hell, I like passion. But passion about religion kinda freaks me out. Do these people realize that they are making up their own versions of what someone put down on paper FOREVER ago, in another language, that has since been translated, maybe or maybe not accurately? And they take this as the literal “word of God” and get all smug and self righteous and in your face. I have nothing against the cool Christians who do their Christian thing and don’t try to tackle me on the street with literature and screams about hellfire and damnation. But those who feel they need to “save” me just because I believe differently then they do… I just don’t get them.

People who HATE living in this country: OK, don’t read this wrong. I think dissent and questioning authority is always a good thing. Our society would never move forward unless there were those that found fault and worked to enact social change. I’m all good with that. It’s the people who whine about how their lives suck and the country sucks and the president sucks AND THEY DIDN’T EVEN VOTE that I cannot stand. I figure if you don’t vote than your whining rights should be in instantly revoked (unless you’re under 18). And if you really think this country is so awful, I say go on! Get out. Go see how you like it elsewhere. Canada is right up the road and Mexico is nice this time of year. Give it a whirl and see if it makes you happy. Quite frankly, I feel pretty damn fortunate to be living in this country during this time in history. My rights and abilities as a woman are pretty freaking amazing when you see how it is in some other parts of the world.

Haggis: really, do I have to explain this one?

How we haven't already suffered a fiery death of the freeway: I don’t see how there aren’t more of them. Have you been on the road with a freshly licensed teenager? Have you experienced road rage? Have you SEEN the way some people drive? How are we not all dead?

SUV’s: OK, I gotta be careful here because I actually drive a mini version of an SUV (RAV4) and I have a lot of friends who drive the full blown types and I’d rather not piss anyone off. But unless you are actually carting around six kids and the dog, while making trips to Costco, on dirt trails, in the snow then tell me what you need a gas guzzler like that for? They are too big, don’t brake well, are terribly uneconomical, don’t hold together well… I just don’t get it. Someone please enlighten me; I am willing to learn.

The Sense of Entitlement so many people seem to have: Ummm, whoever said it would be easy and life would simply hand you all you ever wanted without working for it? Yes, people should be able to get what they want but they should have to work for it. Don’t whine about being broke when you own a home you cannot afford a car that is socially and economically irresponsible, go out to eat every night of the week and spend thousands of dollars a year at clubs and bars. It’s an unreal expectation for life, folks! Slow down and get there on a reasonable schedule!

How I turned into a curmudgeon: Seriously, I’m going to start standing out at the mail box, scratching my ass and yelling at all the kids to “Stop having all that fun!” anytime now. Did I seriously just rail against SUV’s and self important idiots? I believe all of that! I do! Does that make me a curmudgeon? Well, if it does than I guess I should just embrace it and move on, before this post gets so long you all have to write posts about how you don’t get people who write LONG ASS posts. Bahh!