Seriously, all I do is complain these days... run while you still can!

Am having a total crisis of faith. Mark is away this weekend and am feeling so low and tired and pregnant. I can barely keep up with L, how am I going to do this with two? My temper is way too short, I keep falling asleep only to awake to some "crisis" Lily is melting down over (like, the dog moved two inches to the left... that level of crisis). I am emotional and feel crappy and I'm only at week 32, so I have two more months of this. I keep bursting into tears (over things like the dog moving two inches to the left... see!). I just plopped my baby in her crib and walked out despite her cries because I just couldn't take another minute of... ANYTHING. And now I'm bawling again.

Is this just pregnancy while mothering a toddler or is there something WRONG with me?

Wait, don't answer that. No matter what you say, I'll just start crying again.

And you know what? Give me 24 hours and I'm going to feel completely different. HORMONES CAN BE EVIL!