Come together

So we all got together, KB, Daphne and our families. And lo, it was good.

Well, it actually started off a little crappy and by that I mean the weather. For some reason, I was feeling very responsible for the fact that water was indiscriminately falling from the sky; likely because these people had agreed to come south so that I would have as little driving to do as possible (what with being the eight-months-pregnant chick that has the insane need to pee the second I get in the car). When we arrived at the park we discovered that Lily’s diaper had leaked, all we had was a pair of shorts to change her into and so, she was now wet, cold and we had failed as parents to provide her with suitable attire. Enter KB and a pair of the Myles pants and we were saved! Yeah! Lily had also spent the night before waking to cough and call for her daddy, so I was a little worried about the fact that we were letting her loose in the rain. I should have just invited everyone to our house to start with but was reluctant to have them do any more driving. After an hour of sitting in the rain (and look, now Lily’s pants that were borrowed from the Myles are soaked because she went down a wet slide, wha-who!) we all packed up and headed more south to sunshine and my house.

We all had a blast once we weren’t worried about the weather. We let the kids loose on the sandbox and playhouse, both huge hits. Myles helped Mark rake out the future site of the hot tub (yes, I said hot tub), the dog was suitably obnoxious and licked some of the amazing deviled eggs Daph made, Brian gave us some music and movies, it was all good. We ate too much food and yet, had enough of a chicken carcass for me to give my first go at making chicken soup from scratch (hey, that’s BIG in my domestic drop-out existence).

KB and Jason are wonderful people, fun and intelligent to talk to and so warm and caring. The Myles is just as cute in person as he is on his mama’s blog. Daph and Brian crack me up on a regular basis and are just the most honestly nice people you’ll even meet. Their daughters are adorable, generous and sweet. You couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch of folks to come visit your home on a Sunday.

I’ll get some photos posted as soon as I can.