A little perspective and wing hair to boot!

Lily slept in until a little past 9am this morning (8pm by her internal clock I suppose, but dammit, I’ll take what I can get). I had planned to go to bed early last night thinking she’d have me up with the sun again, but with the time change didn’t really get to bed until about midnight. I woke on my own before her, went upstairs and fed the dog, checked email, relaxed a little and just enjoyed the quiet. It was a little overcast this morning but already getting hot so I opened up the windows and doors and enjoyed the breeze flowing through our nifty little house. In essence, I got some perspective after some deeply needed rest. I may be human again.

Oh, and my husband arrived just as I need to leave for work and refused to tell me where the camera was when I started giggling at his hair. It looked so silly I thought maybe one of the drunken revilers had attacked him in his sleep, giving him wings. Seriously, WINGS people. His hair was doing this amazing, swooping, THING. I’m so sorry he refused to tell me where the camera was hiding; it would have been so satisfying to post that here. He’s obviously a very bright man.

Lily was thrilled to have him home. Just before he was to return I took her into her bedroom to get her dressed. She resisted my plan until I pointed out that if she put some clothes and shoes on we could go wait for Daddy in the front yard. She raced to the window, pointed outwards and said “Daddy!” about a bzillion times. Seriously, I counted. The timing gods were with us as I got her into clothes, walked her through the house, opened the front door and LOW AND BEHOLD there was Daddy pulling up in the truck. She looked up and gasped like I was a magician and then started giggling like a… well, like a little girl. She probably peed herself with joy. That child loves her dad.

And so I am in a better mood (didn’t I say that would happen?) and can’t wait to see my man after I’m done with work. If I’m very lucky he may still have the wing hair AND will have left out the camera.