Lily had a rocking swim lesson today… except for almost drowning. She slipped on the stairs while my mom was looking away and when my mom looked back, she thought Lily was trying to swim on her own. So she didn’t grab her up straight away. I wasn’t sure what was happening either and right about the point where I felt my heart move up into my throat, my mom scooped her up. Coughing, sputtering and crying and that was just me. OK, not really, I was very calm and went to the edge of the pool take her from my mom when she started to climb the stairs out of the pool. Lily got to the top step and decided she wanted to play in the water more and WENT BACK IN. Is she INSANE? I guess she got over it.

We went back to me mums and had a spot of lunch… er, sorry, watching something British; let me try that again: We walked back to my mom’s house and ate some lunch and then I took off for an afternoon on my own. Mark was out of town, but had the afternoon off so “we” went to go see a movie. We both saw “The Hitchhiker’s Guide…” at basically the same time, but in different cities. Now how’s that for long distance dating? Then I treated myself to some wicked yummy ice cream and went shopping at TJ Maxx. Hmmm… bargains. Very tasty. I enjoyed some BH contractions throughout that experience. Not bad at all, just my body doing its thing; getting ready for baby to come topside. The more work my body can do before labor starts, the better I always say. The more exercise I get the more my body preps for the big birthday.

Anyone fancy a run? (Damn British TV again; so sorry).