Photo blogging

Have been feeling rather introspective and somewhat manic lately as I try to get everything ready for baby. Each day feels so damn good as I get stuff done and enjoy the last days with my daughter as an only child. She has been amazing lately, so helpful and happy to be spending time together. She’s been treating me well and I appreciate the heck out of it. With so much happening, I’ve had very little time to blog or read, so forgive me if I miss out on something big and trust I’m doing my best. Here are some photos to show you what’s been happening.

Belly cast

38 weeks belly cast

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We did a belly cast, something I wanted to do with Lily’s pregnancy but didn’t get around to. Yes, my boobs are that freaking big. Yes, my mother will say “Oh My!” when she sees this and worry about the fact that I am showing off my nakedness to the whole wide world.

Birthday party

naked Phoebe

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We got to enjoy a surprise birthday party for Daphne the other night and only got a couple of photos of her little naked Phoebe. That kid is beautiful.

Birth tub

Our birthing room

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The bedroom is ready for birthing with a tub in the corner. We did a test fill of it the other day to make sure we could figure it all out. Lily was THRILLED with the idea of a pool in the bedroom and stripped naked the second she figured out there would be water to dip into. We eventually all ended up hanging out in it for a while, which brought Lily untold joy. She cracks me up.

Maya and the slide

Maya enjoys the slide

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This is just fun. Our dog LOVES to slide. She'll go up the steps and down the slide without any prompting from us. Just have to find a park that's pretty empty as some parents don't want their children sharing a slide with a dog.

Changing in the parking lot

Portable changing table

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And this one just gives me the giggles: we picked up a changing table at a thrift store and before we could get it home, Lily needed a change. So, we used it in the Rubio's parking lot. OK, so I thought it was funny...