My husband: tall, dark and broody

Mark is a brooder. He gets his brain going on an issue or two and I don’t hear from him for days. Last time he did one of these broody days, I got all freaked out and thought it was all about me. Because it’s always all about me, right? This is our normal MO: Mark broods; I try to figure out what I “did.” It’s totally lame.

Today, Mark went into brood mood and I spent the day being totally cool with it and enjoying the silence. We spent car rides without saying a word to each other. We walked hand in hand through the mall quietly and watched the people go by. During the movie (two in one week, INSANITY!) we cuddled and I was on the receiving end of some sweet little forehead kisses. Instead of the tension that usually crops up on these days we seemed to grow closer. I knew his mood had nothing to do with me and just enjoyed that at least we were spending the day in each others company. You see how I’ve evolved?

I think a large part of it has to do with the impending birth and how I know that once again my whole world was about to change. Before Lily was born, I was so ready and yet so naive. Now I know that I have NO IDEA how things will change, just that they will. I embrace that uncertainty because if I don’t, I know it will be even harder. I am enjoying the certainty of uncertainty. How you like them apples?

Now enjoy some photos:

A doll dress makes an excellent hat

This one just cracks me up. This is Lily “helping” at my 39 week midwife appointment.

Lily helps Jennifer measure