Today my sister threw me a blessingway to welcome our new baby. Mark ran off to hang out with my BIL and took Lily with him so I could relax and enjoy my friends. Elizabeth came early and gave me a kick ass massage so I’d be all squishy when everyone arrived. About ten people come and we sat around eating too much good food, chatting and sharing stories. We sat in circle and made a birthing necklace, each woman telling me what intent they were putting into the bead as they strung it on with the rest. Daphne wasn’t able to make it down but sent me a handmade bracelet and a beautiful letter that I read aloud as we made the necklace… and yep, it made me cry, just a little. They also put together an album for me, each guest decorating a page with scrapbook items and colors. We ate dessert, talked more and just enjoyed each other. I wasn’t alone in my home until the place had been totally cleaned up and then my husband and daughter returned with hugs and love.

I feel like everything is in place. I feel like this baby can come at any time and that’s just fine with me. I feel at peace, supported and ready.

I am truly blessed.

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