Lily has a new, very important word: Myself! As in, “back off, lady and let me do it MYSELF!” She seems to think all tasks, big or small should be done by “Myself.” If only Myself was just a wee bit more coordinated. Oh, and if you dare tell her that Mama will do it, there is a good bit of screaming and dramatics to follow. For the most part, we’re letting her do whatever is least likely to get her maimed or killed; so, for instance, getting a cookie (read: graham cracker) is OK, while chopping up some carrots is not. Getting out her painting supplies: OK. Taming that wild boar at the zoo: not so much.

Speaking of wild animals: it seems our coyote from the canyon has had some pups. Last night around 2am the whole pack trooped to right outside my bedroom door, knocked politely and proceeded to howl for ten minutes. I can only assume they were requesting that I send out my cat for a snack or the dog for a meal. They weren’t stupid enough to ask for a baby as I would have kicked their ass. All of them. As eerie as it sounded, especially with the full moon shining outside, the sound of the pups yapping was so freaking cute. You could hear the, “I’m a BIG DOG” tone to their voice; just like my two-year-old claiming she can do it all by, “MYSELF.”

Ah, the circle of life.