10:04 p.m.

At this moment, I am now more pregnant than I have ever been.

Lily was born on her due date at 10:03 pm. I had thought she’d be coming to us at least a week late and so was very surprised when my water broke at 6:00 pm and only four hours later was holding my beautiful perfect little girl in my arms. That perfect child of mine is now sleeping quietly while Mark and I marvel at my growing belly. That beautiful little girl and will be two-years-old in less than a month and by then will be a big sister.

This is likely my last pregnancy and while I am so eager to hold my baby, I am taking this moment to remember what life was like before these babies. We could sleep in until noon on Sundays, go when and where we wanted, didn’t have to lug a bag full of dipes around, didn’t know what true love really meant, had never smiled until our cheeks hurt when our child discovered something new, had never sleep danced with a colicky infant, had never changed the world.

It moves so fast.

Here’s to every last moment. May I remember to cherish every second of my children’s lives. May I remember to simply sit and hold my babies from time to time. May I remember to cherish my partner and always honor him as the father of my children. May I be sappy and emotional without shame.

Come along for the ride, kids. I promise it’ll be messy and fun.