Drumming for baby

Went to a drum circle today (told you all I was a hippie) and had a blast making prayer flags and beating on my drum. We had primarily gathered to wish some friends well as they made the move from our neck of the woods to Canada. We set intent on one round for all the new births coming up and that included their new life in another country and, of course, the upcoming birth of my child. I got to dance my pregnant self around in the middle for that one and loved the vibrations of the drums and how the influenced my belly. Had some wicked sweet tightening as though my uterus was getting the message.

Drum circle girls

I’ve been working on getting out of my head in regards to this birth. I have to trust that this child and my body are in cahoots to have the best possible birth and the best possible time. There is nothing my brain can tell them about this process and so I might as well just knock off trying. I’ve been in great spirits since I started consciously letting that crap go. In fact, my girlfriend asked me if she should run up to LA today and I replied with, “I can’t tell you that, it’s up to you. I have no idea what will happen and won’t make this decision for you.” And damn, that felt good.

My mom asked if she should go up and see my grands as today was their anniversary and I told her she’s welcome to if she took Lily with her. She didn’t end up going, but she did decide to keep Lil overnight so Mark and I could sleep in… yippee! So, yeah. I’ll let you all know when the baby shows, but don’t ask me when it’ll happen because I don’t have a clue. And you know what? That’s just fine with me! In the meantime, just talk to the belly.

talk to the belly